Omahawide Hot or Cold

Housekeeping Notes and Tips


If you are not able to play or are sitting on your hands because you already have a Big Omaha ticket, you can watch from home! Just visit the live map.

The official twitter hashtag is: #hotorcold2014



  • Teams include a driver and a navigator. (Do not phone and drive.)
  • Follow laws.
  • Be nice.
***If you arrive without a driver or break traffic laws you will be automatically disqualified. There MUST be at least two of you in the car.***


  • Your phone needs to be geo enabled. Issues? Check your browser settings.
  • Bring a car charger! Excessive use drains your battery.
  • Accuracy increases with on-page refresh. If you hard-refresh the browser, you may get weird data for the first few refreshes. *
  • Only use one device at a time.
  • Watch the internet. The internet will be watching from home and may give clues. The official twitter hashtag is: #hotorcold2014


  • Your location (along with your name and avatar) will be broadcast on the live map. If you don't want people to know where you are, don't play and never visit public places.
  • If you win, we will want to put your picture on the internet.
  • When you get close, start looking for three chumps in bright blue t-shirts.
  • The first person to touch the ticket wins!
  • All finishing players will get a discount on a Big Omaha ticket!

Getting the "Your geo data isn't accurate enough" error?

Mobile phones use a number of mechanisms to pinpoint geo data. If you've turned off some location settings in order to cut down on battery use or government snooping, we suggest turning everything back on to play Hot or Cold.

  • iPhone: Go to Settings > Privacy > Location services. Make sure this is on. Also make sure it's turned on for whichever web browser you are using to play. ALSO, scroll down and click "System Services." Make sure Cell Network Search, Compass Calibration, Setting Time Zone, Traffic, and Wi-Fi Networking are all turned ON.
  • Android: Menu > Settings > Location Access. Make sure "Access to my location" is on, "Wi-Fi & Network Location" is checked, and "GPS satellites" is checked.

To play, go to:

If you have any questions, email us at

* We have noticed that on iPhones you will sometimes stop getting accurate enough data. If the game keeps telling you that your GPS data is not accurate enough, we recommend switching to a map app (Google Maps, for example), waiting for it to pinpoint your location, then switching back to Safari. This seems to kick-start the GPS information in Safari.

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