I live in Omaha.

PMATQ : People Might Ask These Questions

Who is responsible for this ridiculous project?!?

What Cheer, a web design and development studio in Omaha. But we couldn't have done it without help from our friends.

Why did you make this site?

We get the question: "Why do you live in Omaha?" from people we meet in bigger cities or on the coasts. There are a lot of reasons. This site is to illustrate that.

What is the inspiration for this site?

Twitter and the work of Jonathan Harris.

I submitted a post, why can't I see it yet?

We have a group of analysts working around the clock reviewing every single reason before posting it to our site to make sure the message stays positive.

Why do you do that? I thought everyone loved Omaha.

We like to believe that is true. But there are some Omaha-haters out there. Weird, huh?

Hey! Aren't I the one supposed to be asking the questions?

Sorry about that. Please proceed.

Can I post more than one reason?

Yes! As many as your heart desires.

Am I responsible for the words and images I upload?

Yes. Make sure you don't upload any copyrighted images and whatnot. Thanks for asking such an insightful question.

I don't live in Omaha, can I write a reason?



Okay. As long as you are speaking from personal experience.

So, why do you live in Omaha, anyway?

Please refer to: iliveinomaha.com.

I have other questions not listed here. What should I do?

Don't panic. Just email us at: ihavequestions@iliveinomaha.com

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